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October 14, 2013
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Picking up your boyfriend's ringing phone, you sat up from your laying position on the couch and pressed the phone to your ear.


"(Name), hey."

You eyes widened and you immediately ran to the bathroom door, banging loudly on it a few times.

"Dean? Where the hell are you, you've been gone for 3 weeks!" You said and put the phone on speaker as Sam exited the bathroom.

"In Nevada, this place is a real funky town." He joked and your eyes shot to Sam who began to fill up two backpacks.

"Why don't you come and we'll go out to lunch? Bring Sammy too." Dean said unenthusiastically. You picked up a pen and wrote the address Dean told you on your arm.

"Dean, do yo-" The line disconnected before you could say more.

Sam tossed you your backpack and you slung it over your shoulder before grabbing the keys to the van you borrowed (stole).

Rushing out of the motel room, you handed Sam the keys and got into the passengers side. You told Sam the address and he slammed on the gas.

"He'll be okay." You reassured, he didn't sound to beat up, maybe a little out of breath, fist fight at the most.

"Gordon has him."

You frowned, that ass hole has been doing everything in his power to kill Sam. After Sam rescued that vampire from him, you and Dean took turns to see who could hit him hardest.

The little mole kept popping back up. Now he had Dean, and now he would pay. Even if Dean wasn't your flesh and blood, didn't make you two any less closer.

You were 30 minutes away from the abandoned house when you and Sam felt the tires pop. The car swerved, Sam tried to get control of it, but it was useless.

The van flipped and rolled down into a mud filled ditch. It was night time and on a country road, so no one would have noticed.

Thankfully you both had your seat belts on, and thankfully you were both still alive, cut up and a bit bloody yes from flying glass, but alive. The car was upside down, windows broken. "Honey, you alright?" Sam asked panicked.

"I'm fine." You said quickly and placed your hands on the roof. Sam reached over and unclipped your belt, you caught yourself and did the same for him.

It would have been easier if the mud wasn't like quicksand. The car was sinking into it fast. Sam crawled out, but your foot was trapped underneath the crushed seat.

"Sam!" You yelled while trying to pry your foot away. You were on you stomach, but held yourself up with your forearms. The mud had risen to your shoulders at this point, Sam crouched into your line of vision.

"Here." He said and extended his hand, you grabbed it and he pulled. Mud up to your neck, you wiggled your foot until it finally popped out.

Sam hauled you out of the death trap before you sunk. He helped you up and ran his hands over your skin frantically.

"Sam, I'm fine, really." You said calmly, even though you were out of breath. Your hands smoothed down his wild hair and you kissed his cheek for proof.

Nodding shakily, he took your hand and led you back to the road. Spikes had been laid down, it was a planned accident.

"The only people other than police who would have these...."


You smiled brightly and took your boyfriend's hand who furrowed his brows at noticing your sudden grin.

"Look." You said, pointing over to the Impala two miles down the road.


"He's probably dead, bust just in case, I've set up two sets of bombs." Gordon said, circling the chair.

Dean shouted profanities which were muffled by his gag.

Soft clicking sounds made both of them loom towards the doorway.

The first explosion went off, loud and bright. Dean yelled into the cloth, already feeling the sting in his eyes.

"Wait...." Gordon hushed.

Another explosion went off and Dean began to struggle in the ropes and scream at the man.

Both were too busy to notice you and Sam sneaking up behind him.

"PUT THE GUN DOWN!" Sam shouted at Gordon. Dean's head snapped up, relief flowing through his eyes.

You walked over to Dean, pulling the blade from your boot to cut his bindings.

Sam motioned for you to take Gordon's gun. You nodded, but when getting close, Gordon whipped around and grabbed you, pulling you back against his chest, gun dropped, but a knife now pressing into your neck and his arm around your neck.

"Put the gun down Sam, or your girlfriend here is gonna be at your feet." Gordon ordered, his arm tightening you make you gasp for air.

Neither brother moved.

"NOW!" He yelled and tightened his grip even more, making you grab at his arm, uselessly trying to pry his arm off.

"Okay! Okay!" Sam said and slowly set his gun on the ground. Gordon pointed the blade at Sam, you knew that was you chance.

You elbowed his stomach, grabbed his wrist and twisted it backwards. He yelped and the blade dropped. Dean scooped up his gun and bashed his temple with the end of if, successfully knocking him out.

Sam grabbed your hand and led you outside, once again doing his protective boyfriend thing and searching you for wounds. "Sam, I'm fine, just a bit tired." You reassured again.

"But he had his kn-" Sam began.

You interrupted him by pressing a finger to his lips before replacing them with your mouth a second later.

His hand cupped your cheek, the other resting on your hip. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck, your hands threading through his long silky hair.

His hand rubbed up and down your si-

"You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape." Dean said, making you and Sam jump apart.

You walked up to him, pulling your hand back before slapping his cheek. "What the hell!" He groaned and rubbed at the red handprint.

"That's for all the shit you have put us through for the past 3 weeks." You explained and hugged him.

"Thinking I would get a kiss but no." Dean complains and receives the middle finger from you.

Sam just laughs.

Suddenly, your feet are off the ground and you are cradled into a very well defined and muscled chest. You look up to see the puppy eyes you have adored looking down at you.

Sighing happily, you curl into your boyfriend, falling asleep to the sound of Sam and Dean calling each other Jerk and Bitch.
How I felt when the man Sam totally knocked out
got up right away and killed Sam:…
^^^^^^^^^^^ME LITERALLY

Please excuse all Grammar/Spelling mistakes.

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CharlieTaylor17 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student General Artist
"You guys look like two seals fighting over a grape."
I don't know why but this mental image had me laughing hysterically xD
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Really!? Well I'm glad! :)
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Dean, always breaking up moments
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I always catch references. I'm that big of a fangirl :D
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YourFateIsMe Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
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