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November 21, 2013
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One hand on the steering wheel, and one intertwined with (Name)'s, Sam smiled at her, nodding his head to the beat. She grinned and tapped her foot against the floor of the Impala. Dean sprung up from the backseat, not even a broken foot stopping him from singing along. (Name) laughed, leaning over in her seat to give her boyfriend a gentle kiss on the cheek. He winked at her an continued his drive to Bobby's.


“You did not just do that!” (Name) shouted in surprise, wiping the snow from her face. “Well, there's no one else out here.” Sam replied with a smirk. She scrunched up her face in the way Sam always found adorable. Leaning down, (Name) packed a snowball into her palm and looked back up at Sam. “5 second head start.” Dean came outside to watch Sam high tailing it into the woods with (Name) running after him.


“Maybe we should take a break.”

(Name) wiped the stray tear from her eyes and gathered up her backpack. Sparing one last look at Sam, she bowed your head and stepped out of the motel and into the harsh winds of September.


It'd been 3 months since (Name) left the Winchesters, since she'd left Sam. The hunting business had been busy as ever and it was hard to get a lot done without Sam and Dean by her side. Her time with them was like a stab to the chest. Even if he was her ex-boyfriend, she still felt strongly for Sam. She'd never stop loving him, never stop caring. It hurt to see him move on, but she knew deep down, all she wanted was his happiness.

(Name) just got back from taking out a vampire nest, emerging with only a dislocated shoulder. With lots of practice, she had easily popped it back in. Pulling out her laptop, she sat down at the small motel table, a beer at her side.

Once logged on, Spotify automatically popped up. She was about to close it down when the little red bubble notifying that she had messages caught her eye. There was only one person that followed her on Spotify....

Curiously, she clicked on it, messages from LuciousSamHair07. Without hesitation, she clicked play on the first song.


Throughout listening to the song, her eyes stung and she pulled her knees up to her chest. She clicked on the next one.


When the chorus hit, she couldn't contain them. She quickly clicked the next one.


(Name) was full on sobbing now, covering her face with her hands. About an hour later, after (Name) had calmed down, she went back to Spotify, searching up a song and sending it to Sam.


It was a couple minutes before she got another message from him.


Right after she finished listening to that song, she received another message but this time, it was from; Impia1967.


(Name) couldn't help but laugh a bit at Dean's bold song choice.

(Name) could tell that Sam was truly sorry. She sent a message to Dean explaining how she was worried about getting hurt again. He responded with the snap of a finger. (… “In the totally platonic friendship way.” He added.


It was a good hours of thinking, pacing the floor, worrying, packing and unpacking before (Name) returned to her computer, sending the same song to both of the boys.



(Name)'s bags dropped onto the gravel with a soft thud and she ran forward into Sam's embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck. He held her around the waist tightly, burying his face into her hair. Dean watched from the door with a fond smile before returning inside.

“I'm so sorry baby, I'm so so-” (Name) placed her finger against his lips, hushing him. “Just kiss me and tell me you love me.” She grinned. Sam chuckled and pulled away just enough so he could slot his lips against (Name)'s, swaying gently. “I love you.” He whispered upon pulling away.

Songs In Order: 

The Reason - Hoobastank 

Sorry - Buckcherry

It's Not Over - Daughtry 

Gravity - Sara Barellies 

Come Home - One Republic 

Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes Ft. Neon Hitch

Think Twice - Eve 6

Home - Chris Daughtry 

Inspired by true events. (I feel so badass saying that)

When you come upon a link, click it and listen to the song,
you're in the story remember, Sam sent it to you, listen to it. 

Please excuse all Grammar/Spelling mistakes. 

I do not own Supernatural or you.
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For the last song, I guessed major tom coming home
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