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The thump of your school bag being dropped on the ground only made your faint headache grow. You couldn't figure out why Sam liked coming to school so much. The constant bullying and pressure of teachers was hard on you. Not to mention hunting every other day. Your teachers questioned if you were abused at home. Maybe emotionally, but nothing you couldn’t handle.

You knew your father favored Sam and Dean over you. Maybe it was because you were a girl, or because most demons came to you, attracted by your looks. You fought just as well as them all. You’d taken down your fair share of creatures, but it wasn’t enough. Sam and Dean tried to make you feel special, and you appreciated it. But you knew you would never measure up to them in your father’s eyes.

“Hey loser.”

You ignored Amy Perkins and pulled out your notebook Dean had stolen from the gas station a month ago. You had already filled it up with poems and pictures, most of them relating to your life. You knew that is someone read it, you’d be put into an asylum.

Flipping open to a blank page, and blocking the teasing laughs and pointed fingers, you began to doodle. Your history teacher was too busy snoozing at his desk to pay attention to how much you had been bullied in his class.

You notebook was abruptly snatched from your hands, you tried to grasp it, but just ended up ripping pages out of your book. Amy laughed at your miserable attempt to take your book back from her. Everyone was laughing, and throwing small items, as if you were and animal trapped in a zoo, being screamed at by fussy children wanting you to do tricks.

You scrambled to your feet, trying in vain to grab your notebook from Amy’s hand. Her height advantage was an unfair factor in why you couldn’t get it back.

You wished she was a demon so you could just kill her.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day. The stuck up cheerleader threw you book on the ground, stomping on it for good measure. Her group got up and followed her out of the room. You teacher woke up, mumbling something and leaving as well.

After the room was cleared, you sunk to your knees and began to pick up your papers. Angry tears fell down your face, smudging the graphite.

“Do you need some help?”

You wiped at your eyes. Your father said crying was for babies, it made you weak.

Looking up, you found two impossibly pure blue eyes looking down at you.


Masculine hands began helping you pick up pages. He was being gentle with them, as if he was handing over a human soul.

“My name is Castiel.” He informed, standing up and offering you a hand.

“(Name)” You responded and grabbed his hand, letting him pull you to your feet.

“Would you like me to walk you home (Name)?” He asked, the puppy eye look stabbing through your heart.

You thought it over, it probably wasn't a good idea. Dean and Sam would worry, plus you knew your father wouldn't be home tonight.



“It's different here.” Castiel said, your backpack was slung over his shoulder after he offered to carry it. His trench coat was loosely tied at his waist.

“What do you mean?”

“It's different.” He repeated.

You looked at him a moment longer before shrugging your shoulders. Your foot caught in a break in the pavement and you tumbled down to your knees.  

Castiel caught your arm before you could face plant.

"Are you alright?" He asked, furrowing is eyebrows when you winced in pain every time you took a step.

"Fine." You stated, ignoring the obvious twisted ankle.

Suddenly, you feet were off the ground and you were cradled into a broad chest. You looked up to find those gorgeous pure blue eyes staring down at you in worry.

You tried not to blush, you really did.


Castiel carried you all the way to your house, not once stopping to adjust you, as if you weighed less than a feather.

With your permission, he opened your front door and was promptly met my two guns in his face.

Sam and Dean had the famous 'shoot first, ask questions later' look on their faces.

"Wait! He's with me!" You yelled and flailed your arms.

Dean took a better look at the man carrying his sister. He tilted his head in confusion before dropping his gun, Sam following his lead.


"Hello Dean."

"Why the hell are you carrying my sister?"

After explaining everything that happened, Castiel reluctantly transferred you to Sam's arms, who carried you upstairs to wrap your ankle.

"So, you and Cas?" Sam asked cautiously after he got you settled onto his bed and began to wrap your ankle.

"I just met the guy today." You stated, wincing at the pain from your foot.

Sam finished and sat cross-legged across from you. He pulled your foot into his lap and gently massaged it.

You sighed and leaned back against the headboard. "Thanks Sammy."

He just smiled in reply.


"Have a thing for my sister ey?" Dean smirked.

"She is very beautiful...yes." Castiel responded.

"Cas, you know you're my best friend and I love you right?" Dean asked and hopped up onto the kitchen counter, popping the top off his beer.

Castiel nodded, knowing exactly what was coming next.

"But if you hurt her in anyway shape or form, I will not hesitate to rip your throat out."

"I understand."

"Dean, really?"

Both boys' heads looked over to see Sam helping you downstairs.

Castiel rushed to your side, Sam and Dean shared a knowing look.

The blue eyed boy helped you over to the counter, lifting you onto it by your hips.

You blushed faintly. "Thanks Cas."

Dean clapped and rubbed his hands together. "Burgers for dinner?"

And that's how you all ended up sitting at the crappy and dirty booths at Burger King. Getting odd looks from people, most likely from Sam and Dean eating like it was their last day on earth.

You sighed softly and popped a french fry into your mouth.

Sam noticed Castiel watching you intently with a small smile on his face. Sam kicked Dean under the table, who glared at his brother before looking over to you.

"Oh shit, Sammy, we forgot to grab that stuff for dad!" Dean shouted abruptly, practically climbing over the table.

"Oh, you're right!" Sam replied and followed Dean's lead. He kissed your temple and grabbed two burgers from the pile. "We'll be back in 3 hours. Keep her safe Cas!" He said before disappearing out the door.

You rolled your eyes.

"Where are they going?" Castiel asked innocently.

"To the gas station across the road." You replied dumbly and took another sip from your soda.

Cas tilted his head in confusion, which you found utterly adorable.


"To give us alone time."


You both finished the food and were now outside, sitting on one of the benches.  

"Would you like to go for a walk?" Cas asked.

You wiggled your leg a bit, informing him you couldn't do much.

He got off the bench and crouched in front of you.

"I'll carry you."

The words were simple, but they seemed to have a deeper meaning.

Deciding not to look into it, you awkwardly climbed onto his back. You gripped his shoulders as he began to walk down the road.




"You've been carrying me for over an hour. Aren't I getting heavy?"

"You are very light. Not at all...I enjoy holding you."





"I'm getting really cold."

"Take my coat."

"Thanks Cas."




"Do you like me?"

"Very much so."

"Me too."




"Why did you help me today at school?"

"Who wouldn't stop to help a beautiful girl?"

"Thank you Cas."




"I'm getting tired."

"You can sleep."

"Are you sure?"

"I'll watch over you."

"Thanks Castiel."


Your eyes fluttered open and the first thing you noticed was how warm you were.

The second thing was how comfortable you felt.

The third; the body you were flush against.

Your eyes darted up to find a sleeping Castiel next to you.

You hadn't had a chance to see him up close, but his beauty smacked you in the face.

You breathed out, you fingers unconsciously reaching up to touch his face.

His eye snapped open and grabbed your hand. You gasped in surprise and sputtered out apologies.

He took you by surprise and kissed the pads of your fingers.

He brought your hand down and placed it over his heart, you were shocked to find out how fast it was beating.

He leaned forward and kissed you.

His lips were soft as silk, you could faintly smell the last chap stick he used.

Your hands threaded through his hair and his right hand dropped to your lower back, finger dancing across the skin that had been exposed from your shirt riding up.

"When you two are done eating each other, I'd like to watch the game." Dean said making you and Cas jump apart.

"Really Dean?!"

"Really really captain silly."

Cas just smiled and cuddled you close.
Okay, just one more before I go to bed. xD

My girlfriend actually gave me this idea, so I knew I had to write it.

please excuse all Grammar/Spelling mistakes.

Enjoy! ^_^
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If you don't feel comfortable answering tell me to crawl back into whatever cave I came out of X3

(This fic is also very sweet.  I really needed a cheering up- Thanks!)
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I'm just a girl who likes to write. That's all there is to it. :)
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Me: I'm done now great work author :D
Eternal-Violet-Void Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
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