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December 10, 2013
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When (Name) was born, Sam made a promise to himself that he would protect her at all costs. Come hell or high water, she was his number one priority. When she was young, (Name) always stuck around Sam. She loved Dean with all her heart, but there was always a special connection her and Sam had. Somehow, her little pudgy hands always found her brother's.

The two of them were connected at the hip, never to far away from each other. Dean snapped some pretty cute pictures over the years. He had them all safely tucked away, pulling them out whenever he needed a little cheer up.

Sam had to admit, it was hard seeing her grow up, hard to see the bubbly, needy little girl to morph into an older, stronger, beautiful, and independent young woman.


The Winchester glanced backwards from his spot on the couch to find (Name) leaning against the doorway, bag slung over her shoulder. Dean began hauling suitcases outside.

"Hey monkey." He smiled weakly, standing up and walking over to her. (Name) hugged him at the waist, burrowing her head into her brother's chest. "I'm gonna miss you." She mumbled. Sam sighed and looked down at his sister fondly. "I'm gonna miss you too." He could feel the vibrations of (Name)'s silent cries. Sam grabbed the sides of her face, directing her attention to him.

"Don't cry. Just because you're going off to college, doesn't mean I'll never see you again." He informed, ignoring the few stray tears rolling down his face.

(Name) reached up and wiped away the wetness from Sam's face, hugging him again.

"Thank you Sammy."

"For what?"


"No need to thank me, I'm your brother, it's my job."

Dean appeared in the doorway, signaling it was time to go. (Name) nodded and reluctantly let go of Sam, making her way over to Dean and wrapping her arms around him. "You come and visit now you hear?" Dean said, squeezing her tightly and burying his head into her neck. "I will." (Name) promised, feeling tears on her skin.

Finally, the younger Winchester was ready to go. Sam and Dean stood in the driveway, watching as she jumped into her car. She waved and the boys eagerly returned it, and they kept waving until (Name)'s car disappeared.

And if they cried into each others shoulder after, neither talked about it.


Dean drummed on the steering wheel, singing along to the song annoyingly, earning a bitchface from Sam. Dean turned the music down and shot Sam a small smile.

"Do you think she's doing alright?" Sam asked, watching the street signs go by. "From what I've heard, she is." He replied. Sam nodded and they sat in a comfortable silence. "You miss her don't you?" Dean added, glancing over to Sam.

"Don't you?"

So I was thinking. I've been doing all these Brother!Dean stories. What about my Sammeh? 
So here we are. 

I might continue it. 

Please excuse all Grammar/Spelling mistakes. 

I do not own Supernatural. 
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Through the whole thing I was like its ok Sammy its ok. :'(
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Sammeh. I'm so sorry I left you. :iconcryforeverplz:
Eternal-Violet-Void Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
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ShadowcatPrime Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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